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Logarithmic - Chuck Mire 0 /10
Logarithmic Encryption is a Windows executable program that uses logarithms to encrypt/decrypt files. To see how this program works, first run Logarithmic Encryption Simulation.exe which will ONLY SIMULATE, as a standalone program, the SAME algorithm that the REAL encryption program uses. SYMBOLS USED: LOG = Logarithm (Base 10); Ln = Natural Logarithm (Base e); ! = Single Precision Floating-Point Number Variable (7-digits precision); $ = String Variable (can be created with any ASCII characters); ASC = (Reserved Word) Computes the ASCII Value of a Byte Character String (0 to 255); CHR$ = (Reserved Word) 1-Byte Character String; MKS$ = (Reserved Word) Single Precision Floating-Point Number made into a 4-Byte String (4-Bytes); CVS = (Reserved Word) 4-Byte String converted back into a Single Precision Floating-Point Number. First, the Sender Zips the DEcrypted file to preserve the file name and extension. This also compresses the file before encryption. Next, the Sender uses Logarithmic Encryption.exe to GET each byte of the DEcrypted Zip file which then computes a "Spread Spectrum" of Pseudo-Random Number-Bases in order to calculate the Logarithms of each Byte, which is PUT into an ENcrypted file and then sent to the Receiver. The Receiver uses Logarithmic Encryption.exe to GET the Logarithms in the ENcrypted file which then computes the same "Spread Spectrum" Pseudo-Random Number-Bases to calculate each original Byte, which is PUT into a DEcrypted Zip file. Then the Receiver Un-Zips the DEcrypted Zip file, which contains the original DEcrypted file. The Logarithms by themselves do not furnish the necessary information to compute the original bytes of the DEcrypted file because there are three variables: (1) The Byte ASCII value (incremented by 2) - only the range from 2 to 257 is known, so it could be ANY of these values. (The simulation program explains why the ASCII Value is incremented by + 2) (2) The Pseudo-Random Number-Bases (unknown - except to the Sender and Receiver using the SAME Parameters). (3) The LOG(Byte ASCII Values + 2) in the Pseudo-Random Number-Bases. The only EXACT variable known is the last one, (3): The LOG(Byte ASCII values + 2) in the UNKNOWN Pseudo-Random Number-Bases. Here is the formula that illustrates why the NumberBase remains unknown: NumberBase = (ANY ASCII + 2 value) ^ (1 / NumberBaseLOG) The NumberBase changes with different ASCII + 2 values. One needs to know two EXACT variables to Decrypt the file.
Source included - QB64 - 751.39 KB - 1572 downloads

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