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Logic Game - Chuck Mire 0 /10
Logic Game Solver is an aid to solving logic game problems by creating a "spreadsheet type" grid that can be filled with a true or false mark besides any and all of the variables. There can be anywhere from 3 to 15 Variable TYPES and up to (30 \ TYPES) INDIVIDUALS per TYPE. In addition, the program has an "Auto Fill" option that can be used selectively or continuously to fill in portions of the grid that can be logically filled. If their is a logical error, the logical engine will inform you, but you will have to scan the grid to see where you went wrong. The attached PDF explains the program in detail, and includes screenshots. Please read! Here is a source for many logic game problems on the web: I recommend that you just think your way slowly through logic programs, one step at a time. You will find that you can only partially complete a line when going through the logic statements the first time. But as the grid is filled out you will see that when you go through the problem again, more conclusions are obtained. Also, regarding the "Auto Fill", I highly recommend that when using it, you answer the next prompt "Auto Fill from now on (Yes or No) with NO. If you have made a logic error, it is much easier to correct that way. If you have saved a file that you have set to always "Auto Fill" and you wish to remove the "Auto Fill" always, just open the file in a text editor such as Notepad, and change the 3rd number down the column from a -1 to 0, and then save it. Problem solved. When I first set up a logic problem, I save the initial file as Setup.dat. Then I load Setup.dat back in and start solving the problem. At this point, I save the file as Solution.dat. That way, if I make a gross error, I can just use the Setup.dat file and start all over again instead of having to re-enter the data from scratch. Also, you can leave the problem where you are at and come back to it at a later time to work on it again.The attached zip file contains the source code, the Windows executable, the PDF, a famous Einstein puzzle to solve with its setup file already created, Einstein.dat. Try out the logic puzzles on the web at the url I have given above because many of them are quite easy to solve. Once you get the hang of it, then try the more difficult Einstein puzzle that is attached in the zip file. Have fun!
Source included - QB64 - 496.33 KB - 1416 downloads

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