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Text to Custom Base-64.exe is a Windows standalone executable that allows a user to choose an offset into the ASCII character set from CHR$[32] through CHR$[63] for the Base-64 character set. For example, if the offset chosen is at CHR$[32], then the Base-64 character set is from CHR$[32] through CHR$[95]. Large blocks of text in a file can be copied to the Windows Clipboard and pasted into this program for conversion. Then the Base-64 output can be copied to the Windows Clipboard, pasted into Notepad and then saved as a text file. When text is converted to Base-64 output, the size is 1 1/3 [4/3] times the size of the original text input. Another choice useful for encryption is the Random option where a user chooses a locking/unlocking number "key". With this option the Base-64 character set continually shifts during the conversion. Only that chosen number "key" can convert the Base-64 output back into text. Multiple conversions to different Base-64 sets can be done using different offsets in any order [or different random number "keys"] IF AND ONLY IF the conversion back to text is done in the REVERSE ORDER. Each multiple "stacking" increases the Base-64 output size 1 1/3 [4/3] times the previous Base-64 input. Base-64 output has a maximum line length of 76 characters so that the output can be easily viewed when pasted into Notepad. Errors are fully trapped to only accept the correct Base-64 offset [or Random number "key"] for the output. Binary data is also trapped and rejected. The attached zip file contains the Windows executable, the source code, "Text to Custom Base-64 Source Code, B-64 Format, Random 12345.txt", and a PDF with screen shots.
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